downtown art walk

Come join us on the first Friday of every month from 6:00pm - 9:00pm! We are part of Bellingham Downtown's Art Walk showcasing the creative talent found in Bellingham's growing art scene. Enjoy refreshments and beautiful art displayed throughout the studio. Come support local businesses and artists in the community.

Every couple of months, we switch up the art that is displayed in our studio.

this month's featured artist

Jen Jones

Yantra Artist

Trained in the Vishwakarma lineage of drawing, painting and architecture, Jen derives her method from the ancient Vedic knowledge of Vaastu Shastra. She runs a private architecture practice, specializing in Vaastu in Hawaii and Washington and consults worldwide.

"Yantra is my practice of contacting and aligning with Source energy, using breath, mantra and heartfelt devotion to allow the qualities of the subtle energies to manifest into form for the benefit of myself, others and our world."

Yantras are the visual form of sound or mantra. They are a potent doorway into energetic vibration that when tapped into can uplift, awaken and deepen the qualities of higher consciousness through open-eyed meditation.

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