Pre Recorded Classes with Claire

STYLES - Vinyasa Flow, Alignment Vinyasa, Flow & Restore, Slow Flow & Yin

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040 - Slow Flow & Yin

Hip opening and side bending (60 min) Aired 5/5

034 - Slow Flow & Yin

A full body practice, great for low energy, a wind down at night, or if you

want to move slow and find a little bit more space everywhere (55min) Aired 4/27

026 - Yin, Restoratives & Breathwork

Slow release of hips. This class is FREE due to some dogs barking in the background;) Play this class with some soothing music (50 min) Aired 4/21

023 - Alignment Flow

Full body practice (60 Min) Aired 4/18 

022 - Flow & Restore

fun and playful vinyasa transitions to hip opening yin yoga and restoratives. (60 min) Aired 4/16

018 - Vinyasa Flow

A sequence that strengthens and then releases the outer hips and explores hip opening peaking in bound side angle pose (65min) Aired 4/14

015 - Alignment Vinyasa

Class focused on fun transitions, balancing and backbending (70 min) Aired 4/11

008 - Vinyasa Flow

Side Bending, Twists and Shoulder Strength (60 min)  Aired 4/7

005 - Alignment Vinyasa

Strong Standing Series with side bending, core and leg activation (60 min)  Aired 4/4

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