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Lisa Flick

001 - Vinyasa Flow

Strong Hip Opening Flow (70 min) - Aired 3/29

003- Vinyasa 

A moderately challenging flow to help awaken the glutes while opening the inner thighs and hips (70 min) - Aired 4/2

006- Vinyasa

 A fun, light, twisty flow targeting the outer

hips & IT band  (70 min) - Aired 4/5

0014- Vinyasa

A Playful heart opening flow with fun core elements (70min) Aired 4/9

0016- Vinyasa

A playful heart opening sequence to get your day started (65 min) Aired 4/12

020- Vinyasa

A Grounding flow for the legs with playful elements of balance and core (70 Min) Aired 4/16

028- Vinyasa

Balance and opposite are at play in this dynamic leg-focused flow with twist elements (60min) Aired 4/19

029- Vinyasa

Strong upper body focus ending with a grounding lower body focus (60 min) Aired 4/23

041 Vinyasa 

 Lots of play with internal hip rotation in this lower body focused class (mandala style) 60 min (Aired 5/3)

042 Flow + Yin

 Mandala flow with plenty of inner and outer thigh work blending into a slow yin practice. 60 min(Aired 5/7)

043 Vinyasa

Mothers day-  Upper body focused class using X and O shapes to honor all things maternal! 60 min (Aired 5/10)

049- Vinyasa

Unique movement patterns and core work blended together in a flow for upper and lower body! 60 min (Aired 5/17)

050- Vinyasa + Yin

A flow to mobilize the 3 parts of the spine into standing balance; followed by a slow hip and heart yin practice. 60 min (Aired 5/14)

051 Vinyasa

Hip openers and squat-centered movements blended with light core work and heart openers (Aired 4/26)

Liza Higbee-Robinson

002- Vinyasa Flow 

'Garuda Flow' A creative class focused on balance & stability with attention to core and hips (70 min) Aired 4/1

004 -Vinyasa 

Opening Hips and Hamstrings (70 min)  Aired 4/3

012- Vinyasa

Back bending focus (65min) Aired 4/8

0017- Vinyasa

A creative mandala sequence with fun transitions (60 min) Aired 4/13

024- Alignment Flow

A steady, strong practice. Focuses on opening through the upper body: side stretching ad twists (65 min) Aired 4/21

030- Alignment Flow

Journey through hips and hearts to 'twisted pigeon'

(60 min) Aired 4/24

032- Alignment Flow

Alignment based flow peaking with Dancer Pose. (60 min) Aired 4/27

035- Vinyasa - Half moon flow focus on hips, hamstrings and core (60 min) Aired 5/2

039- Alignment Vinyasa- Spinal Wake Up! Focus on hips hamstrings and core (60 min) Aired  5/5

052- Vinyasa 

Mandala sequence with a focus on shoulder and hip mobility. (60 min) Aired 5/18

053- Vinyasa

Arm Balance Play! Flow into Astavakrasana 'Eight Angle Pose' (60 min) Aired 5/24

Jen Bayer

025- Forrest Hatha Yoga Class

a short & sweet intentional practice with twists and reck release to bring you awareness to what feels GOOD right now, in this moment.  (35 Min) Aired 4/21

032- Forrest Hatha Yoga Class

Slow it down, heat it up, connect to your deep full breath in this heat generating slow flow with standing poses. (35 min) Aired 4/27

033- Forrest Hatha Yoga Class

Core Connection: connect to your physical, emotional and/or spiritual core with twists, abdominal exercises and chest openers. (30 min) Aired 4/28

038- Hatha Yoga

A great class for beginners! Starting your parctice- a slow flow with a little extra instruction. (50 min) Aired 5/5

065-Forrest Hatha Yoga Class

Take a pause to deeply absorb your nourishing breath. A short sequence with side bends and inversions. (30 min) Aired 5/26

Jacque Sweet

009- Alignment Flow & Restoratives

Supportive heart opening/back bending class with spinal restorative finish (70 min)  Aired 4/6

011- Hatha Flow

A Bright morning practice with spinal warm up, standing hip opening, butt strengthening balancing practice (55min) Aired 4/8

019- Hatha Flow . Build your core and hug to midline with this uplifting breath focused sequence to ground and rise into a shoulderstand inversion before settling deeply into rest. (60 min) Aired 4/20

021- Hatha Yoga

A morning practice with guided meditation. A substantial supine warm up to open hips and lengthen hamstrings intended to support dtrong standing balance poses. (60 min) Aired 4/15

031- Hatha Flow & Restore

Plug into your foundation and connect to the alivemess within you practicing full body class that charges your core from pelvis to shoulders and illuminates a bright heart. (60 min) Aired 4/27

037- Vinyasa Flow- Breath, alignment and strength building to wild thing pose. (60 min) Aired 4/29

048- Hatha Flow- Activate feet and engage to center in this harmonious blend of hip-opening, arm-strengthening and twist-cleansing practice. (60 min) Aired 5/8

Mackenzie Rae


007- Flow & Restore

A strong vinyasa flow that transitions to hip opening restorative yoga (70 min)  Aired 4/2

010- Slow Flow & Yin

Focused on heart opening & some twists (65min) Aired 4/7

013- Flow & Restore

Deep side bending with shoulder & chest opening (65min) Aired 4/9

027- Flow & Restore

Creative and twisty with a focus on strengthening the glutes (outer hips) (60min) Aired 4/23

036- Flow & Restore - Grounded flow focused on strengthening quads and glutes followed by restorative hip opening (60 min) Aired  4/30

044 Flow&Restore- Creative funky flow with a focus on side bending and hip opening. (60 min) Aired 4/7

045 Vinyasa - Focus on twists and hip strengthening (60 min) Aired 4/9

046 Vinyasa- a strong flow with focus on hip opening (60 min) Aired 4/13

047 Flow& Restore - slow yet strong flow with restoratives at the end (60 min) Aired 4/14

054 Vinyasa

A creative and twisty flow focused on strengthening the glutes (55min) Aired 4/23

055 Flow and Restore

Grounded flow focused on strengthening legs and hips followed by restorative hip opening poses. (55 min) Aired 4/30

056  Vinyasa

A creative funky flow with focus on side bending and hip opening. (60 min) Aired 5/7

057 Vinyasa

 Flow with a focus on twists and hip strengthening  (60 Min) Aired 5/9

058 Vinyasa

Strong flow with a focus on hip opening (60 min) Aired 5/13

059 Flow and Restore

Slow and Strong flow with restoratives and hip openers. (60 min) Aired 5/14

060 Vinyasa

Heart opening flow with core focus (60 min) Aired 5/16

061 Flow & Restore

A focus on side body opening (60 min) Aired 5/21

062 Vinyasa 

Steady flow targeting the IT band and strengthening the upper body (60 min) 5/23

Brittany Fay

063 Slow Flow + Yin

A class focused on hip mobility. (60 min) Aired 5/19

064 Slow Flow + Yin

Focused on the back and spinal mobility in all directions. (60min) Aired 5/26

Claire Stetina Zurbrugg

005- Alignment Vinyasa

Strong Standing Series with side bending, core and leg activation (60 min)  Aired 4/4

008- Vinyasa

Side Bending, Twists and Shoulder Strength (60 min)  Aired 4/7

015- Alignment Vinyasa

Class focused on fun transitions, balancing and backbending (70 min) Aired 4/11

018- Vinyasa

A sequence that strengthens and then releases the outer hips and explores hip opening peaking in bound side angle pose (65min) Aired 4/14

022- Flow + Restore

fun and playful vinyasa transitions to hip opening yin yoga and restoratives. (60 min) Aired 4/16


023- Alignment Flow

Full body practice (60 Min) Aired 4/18 

026- Yin + Restoratives + Breathwork

Slow release of hips. This class is FREE due to some dogs barking in the background;) Play this class with some soothing music. (50 min) Aired 4/21

034- Slow Yoga + Yin

A full body practice, great for low energy, a wind down at night, or if you want to move slow and find a little bit more space everywhere. (55min) Aired 4/27

 040- Slow Flow + Yin

Hip opening and side bending. (60 min) Aired 5/5

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