Pre Recorded Classes with Jen Bayer

STYLES - Forrest Hatha Yoga & Hatha Yoga

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065 - Forrest Hatha Yoga Class

Take a pause to deeply absorb your nourishing breath. A short sequence

with side bends and inversions (30 min) Aired 5/26

038 - Hatha Yoga

A great class for beginners! Starting your practice- a slow flow with a little

extra instruction (50 min) Aired 5/5

033 - Forrest Hatha Yoga Class

Core Connection: connect to your physical, emotional and/or spiritual core with twists, abdominal exercises and chest openers (30 min) Aired 4/28

032 - Forrest Hatha Yoga Class

Slow it down, heat it up, connect to your deep full breath in this heat

generating slow flow with standing poses (35 min) Aired 4/27

025 - Forrest Hatha Yoga Class

A short & sweet intentional practice with twists and neck release to bring

your awareness to what feels GOOD right now, in this moment (35 Min) Aired 4/21

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