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Massage Therapy

The focus of Caroline’s work is to enable you to regain confidence in your body’s ability to take you where you want to go. By addressing the body as a whole, connected unit, she seeks not only to alleviate your current pain and limitations, but to respond to contributing factors, for more complete healing and to prevent future injury. Using a blend of bodywork techniques, she provides a nourishing squish to those rigid, congealed, glued-down areas, easing open restrictions while respecting the pace at which your structures are ready to move. Her passion is to restore your ability to easily carry your baby, spend the day gardening, clean ALL the things, or just climb Mt. Baker. Having graduated from UC Berkeley in 2012 with a degree in Molecular Environmental Biology, Caroline’s scientific background guides her practice in massage. She thrives on positive human connection of all forms, and in 2017, she realized true fulfillment by becoming a mother.


Caroline's Schedule:

Tuesday 11:00am -4:00pm

Friday 8:15am -1:00pm

Saturday 3pm - 6:15pm

Cost: $80/hr


Shiatsu Massage/Cupping

My approach to wellness largely involves encouraging the body to draw upon its natural healing abilities. We have all that we need to heal within us and accessible to us at all times. My treatment style focuses on working together to gently nudge your unique imbalances back to state of balance and harmony.  Health is all about balance. Shiatsu is one way to help bring the body back to balance and remind it of its innate and powerful healing capacity. Shiatsu is a Japanese massage therapy which uses traditional acupuncture pathways to treat the entire person in body, mind, and spirit. If appropriate, I enjoy incorporating fire cupping in order to relieve pain, improve circulation, and boost the immune system.  I discovered Shiatsu and cupping while obtaining my masters degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and they quickly became two of my favorite modalities! I am a licensed Acupuncturist in Washington State and have a private practice in the wellness room at the Bellingham Yoga Collective. 

For more information about Shiatsu, cupping, Chinese Medicine and me, visit

Maria's Schedule:

Sunday 2:30pm-8:00pm

Monday 9:30am-2:30pm

Cost: $80/hr


Shamanic Healing Sessions

Rev. Elena Salazar has been a business owner of a healing studio, and lived with indigenous Peruvian shamans, learning their way of healing. Elena works with an altar, ritual, meditation, prayer, intentions and loving respect for the earth, herself, others, and the spirit world. She has 22 years of experience in healing and energy work, 11 years coaching as an active participant, is a licensed Hypnotherapist and brings groups to Peru once a year.Rev. Salazar's passion is to heal the wounds that bind us and help her clients know that within us all, is pure love and light. Rev. Elena supports your transformation by removing the veil that obstructs your true authentic self. This is an active healing session, your participation is needed. Sessions are deeply personal, individualistic, and transformative. Her work is intuitive. She holds a safe space for you to move through what no longer serves you, for your highest good. She works through use of breath, journey/guided imagery, movement, ritual, energy balancing, and soul retrieval/ soul recovery, coming to a place of gratitude. Elena's works brings your body to a balanced and peaceful place which allows clarity to naturally arise in you.

Schedule: By appointment only

Cost: Sliding scale up to $145

The Wellness Room is also Rented out by other practitioners- check them out!

Dr. Blake Myers

Naturopathic Physician 

Owner and Doctor @ Chiron Healing Arts

Hours at BYC: Wednesday- all day, Thursday 9-2:30

Located in the wellness room of the yoga collective, Chiron Healing Arts offers general and specialized naturopathic medical care.  Dr. Blake is offering 10% off of visits for the BYC community.  He sees all ages and focuses on therapies that don't just make symptoms go away while you use them but approaches that stimulate healing and symptom resolution.  Check out what he has to offer and sign up for an appointment at

Clover Mini Spa with Larissa Stewart

Holistic Skincare and Licensed Esthetician

Hours at BYC: Saturday/ Sunday 9-2:30

Acupuncturist Maria Hunter

Hours at BYC: Monday 2:30-8pm

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