Live Music! Outdoor Deck Donation Based Vinyasa + Listening Experience

with Jonathan Meader + Max Ribner

July 10th

Saturday 4:30pm- 5:30pm + Music to Follow

What are the common threads that bridge jazz, soul, and classical music with spiritual connection and community service?

This is the question that drives international touring artist Max Ribner. The sound that answers is rich, reverent, and intimate, connecting us through the lineage of music, to the stories of our ancestors. Max will provide live musical accompaniment for Jonathan’s 430-5:30 pm donation based yoga class + Stay after class for an intimate listening experience including songs off his latest album, “1st Language,” stories, sharing and discussion.

Suggested Donation: $20

Donations accepted at the door: Cash, Check, Venmo

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Mixing his classical background with a passion for improvisational music, Max's unique approach to flugelhorn and trumpet has led him to perform with artists such as Esperanza Spalding, Nahko and Medicine For The People, Trevor Hall, Polish Ambassador, Liv Warfield, Sol Rising, and more. The result of years of collaboration with such a broad musical community is powerfully illustrated on Max's debut solo album, 1st Language out now on all platforms. (Click here to listen)


The 11-song album brings 50+ artists together in a cross-continental collaboration for the ages. Featured artists include: Bobby Sparks II on Keys (Roy Hargrove, Snarky Puppy,) Mark Lettieri on Guitar (Snarky Puppy,) Saeeda Wright on Vocals (Prince,) Jarrod Lawson on Vocals and Keys, Sharay Reed on Bass (Chaka Kahn, Kirk Franklin,) and many talented others. After Max spent a year and a half writing, arranging and tracking the album, he placed it into the capable hands of Grammy award winning mix engineer, Ben Kane (D'Angelo, PJ Morton, Emily King.)


Born in a coastal town between New York City and Boston, Max was drawn into the music-rich culture of the area. This drive led Max to a scholarship at Berklee College of Music, where he found mentorship among many of Jazz's greatest artists. Upon leaving the immersive musical experience of Berklee, Max made a pivotal move to Portland, Oregon to explore land-based environmental action with Americorps. This ushered in a chapter of community work which has culminated into ongoing projects such as working with youth music projects, bringing music to jails, and funding clean water projects in the Adzokoe Peki community in Ghana. In 2007, Max connected with Nahko & Medicine For The People and began touring internationally. This solidified Max's passion for musical activism connecting him with like-minded musicians that shared his vision for community service.

Max’s message as a musical artist is clear: Our musical voices can create an unshakeable oneness that when played and sung together, will crumble the walls of injustice and isolation. Completed in late 2020, amidst the din of COVID-19, national elections, and an ongoing movement for equality and inclusion, 1st Language is a sonic calling together of our collective humanity.


Monthly Restorative & Yoga Nidra

with Kelly Villareal

Recurring 2 hr Monthly Class

Upcoming Dates:
July 18

August 15

Sunday 12:30pm-2:30pm

Restorative yoga helps relieve the effects of chronic stress by using props (lots of props!) to support the body in active relaxation. This cozy, quiet, calming practice gives us our bodies and nervous systems a chance to pause, process and shift from the space of doing to the space of being. Each practice will complete in a final supported shape with the guided calm of Yoga Nidra. 


We need to only look at nature to see that she gives us things in rhythms and in seasons. Nature's way is balance. Our nervous systems are wired for balance, and it’s critical for our overall health and well being that we balance our activity and busy lives with periods of active, focused relaxation (sedentary time scrolling or working isn’t rest even if our bodies are still). 

Investment: $20

*Suggested props to bring from home: block, bolster, eye pillow or hand towel, strap, blanket.

kelly restorative.jpg

Sequencing the Energy Body :: Moving From Form to Formlessness

With Tara Dyberg of Om Operative

​July 23-25th  

Friday - Sunday 

  • Friday evening 5-8pm 

  • Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm 

Investment: ​

  • Early bird pricing $450 (Register Before June 10)

  • Regular $499

Curriculum includes:​

  • Finding Authenticity & Creativity with Vinyasa & How to Awaken Your Creative Self

  • Study of Energetic Arcs of Yoga Classes 

  • Tools for Sequencing as it Relates to Elements of Energetics Using Asanas, Breath & Movement Mudras 

  • Study of the Subtle Body ( Chakra System, Prana Vayus, Koshas and Elements of Breath)

  • Exploration of creative peak pose sequencing through applied energetic study of asana

  • Reading Assignments & sequencing hOMe work

Note** This training is being held off site in Seattle, WA**

Studio Location: 3131 Western Ave Seattle, 98121  Email BYC if you are interested in coordinating Air B&B accommodation 

​*25 CE available for Yoga Instructors and students in BYC Advanced Studies Program 

​*This training could count as the sequencing required module in BYC Advanced Studies Program

Return & Renew:

Summer Asana Intensive

with Christina Sell

August 20-22 2021

Friday 4:30-8

Saturday 11-2 and 4-6

Sunday 12:30-4

Investment: $399

Early Bird: $350 by July 20th

Like life, yoga practice is a dynamic process that invites us to start where we are, to engage as fully as we can, and to continually return to the practices and teachings with freshness and freedom. No matter how committed and sincere we are, we will experience ebbs and flows in our interest and efforts, and the demands and surprises of daily life often pull us away from our mats, our cushions, and our clear intentions. This intensive is designed to help students of all levels return to themselves through asana, contemplation, chanting, and the power of good company and to cultivate a sense of renewal in the wake of the pandemic and the "new normal" that is yet to be established.


Friday evening will begin with an opening circle and a hip opening practice. Saturday will incorporate more dynamic poses in the morning and more cooling poses in the afternoon. Sunday's session will be a full-spectrum class  with a long savasana and a closing circle . Expect demonstrations, explanations, prop-based work, modifications, Q&A, bad jokes and awkward laughter.

(12 CE available for Yoga Instructors and students in BYC Advanced Studies Program)

Celebrating Good Company:

All-Levels Asana Intensive

with Christina Sell

October 1-3 2021

Friday 4-8

Saturday 11-2 and 4-6

Sunday 11-3

Investment: $399

Early Bird: $325 by August 1

$350 by September 1

One of the great paradoxes of yoga is that no one can do it for us, but we can not do it alone. As much as yoga is a deeply personal practice that relies on our own ongoing efforts over time, each of us is also a social, relational being that exists in a complex web of connections. This all-levels asana intensive is designed to celebrate the power of community through discussion, contemplation, shared asana practice, and chanting. Christina Sell, known for her down-to-earth teaching style and practical approach to spirituality will offer an intelligently-sequenced program with instruction, explanation, and progressive techniques to help practitioners of all levels experience the power of practice and the joy of good company.
(13 CE available for Yoga Instructors and students in BYC Advanced Studies Program)

Yoga Philosophy Book Club: Yamas + Niyamas

with Kelly Villareal + Jonathan Meader

Sundays October 10-31


Investment: $235

Early Bird: $199 by August 15

The Yamas and Niyamas, yoga’s 10 ethical guidelines, are a foundation for fulfilled and skillful living.


Explore the Yamas & Niyamas with Jonathan and Kelly, over five weekly sessions in a book club style format. Our time together will include guided discussion, self-study, and asna practice to bring the concepts to life in a lived and experiential way. Jonathan and Kelly bring a grounded, fun, and relatable facilitation style from which to explore the concepts of the Yamas and Niyamas in the rich experience of community.

This book club style exploration is for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship to their yoga practice, including teachers for Yoga Alliance continuing education hours.


(20 CE available for Yoga Instructors and students in BYC Advanced Studies Program)

Subtle Embodiment:

An Energetic Anatomy Immersion

with Jacque Sweet 

November 7th & 14th


Investment: $340 In Studio

Early Bird: $299 by Sept 1

A study into the delicate complexity of our exquisite bodies and the ways we can experience profound transformation in tangible form. When we can better understand the subtle body, often understated and difficult to comprehend, we can tap into a higher state of consciousness.

Together we will dive into experiential practices, discussion and methodologies of energetic anatomy and alignment, including the Koshas, Chakras, and Gunas. Delight in the wonderment and vitality of that which is you through energetic practices that tap into these topics as a way to liberate our sacred bodies through yoga Asana and other uses of movement including pranayama breath exercises, active listening training, modes of meditation, and restorative expression. Yoga teachers, movement and wellness professionals as well as passionate students encouraged to attend.

(15 CE available for Yoga Instructors and students in BYC Advanced Studies Program)


Bali Yoga & Cultural Immersion

with Claire Stetina (50 CE Hours)

January 15-22, 2022

This yoga retreat spans 8 days, 7 nights and two locations. You will arrive in Ubud, the wellness hub of Asia to stay at an Ayurvedic wellness center and spa for 4 days to explore the unique culture and traditions of Bali. Next you will transfer as a group to the rural Northern Balinese coast for 4 days to dive into practice while relaxing on the beach and exploring the jungle. All Inclusive Experience.

(50 CE available for Yoga Instructors and students in BYC Advanced Studies Program)

Image by Artem Beliaikin

Expanding Capacity:

Intermediate/ Advanced Asana Intensive

with Christina Sell

January 28-30 2022

Friday 4-8

Saturday 11-2 and 4-6

Sunday 11-3

Investment: $399

Early Bird: $325 by August 1

$350 by September 1

This intensive is designed for the experienced practitioner  interested in exploring less-commonly practiced  postures safely in a supportive and uplifting community.  With additional time, prop techniques, explanations, and progressive sequencing strategies, intensives provide an opportunity to learn the component parts of   more difficult poses and how to identify what the next best steps are for expanding your capacity. Not appropriate for those recovering from injury or illness, this intensive is perfect for those who can kick to the wall in handstand  and push up to urdhva dhanruasana with straight arms unassisted. Expect to practice a full range of postures and to be encouraged to work within your own limits. 
(13 CE available for Yoga Instructors and students in BYC Advanced Studies Program)

Bhakti Vinyasa, Yin + Ayurveda in the Baja

with Claire Stetina-Zurbrugg + Leah Adams

April 9-14, 2022

Come away with us to refresh, relax, and re-energize in beautiful Baja.


On this retreat we’ll practice morning meditations, devotional bhakti vinyasa, and kirtan. In the evening we unwind with yin yoga, and intentional breathwork. The integration of active and restorative practice is essential to maintain the health of all layers of our being. Each day you will wake up beside the ocean, warm desert sand, and a community of people committed to cultivating well being and connection.


The lux retreat center will be exclusive to our group. Choose to sleep in elegant adobe teepees or in a private suite with sweeping views of the water and your own private veranda. A 6 day 5 night all inclusive experience.


(30 CE available for Yoga Instructors and students in BYC Advanced Studies Program)