Foundational Training in Trauma Center-Trauma Sensitive Yoga 


April 25 and May 23  2021


This training is a professional training designed for yoga teachers, social workers, educators, mental health professionals, and other service providers interested in deepening their understanding of the complexities of systemic and interpersonal trauma, the impact of complex trauma on the nervous system and how a trauma informed yoga practice can assist in integrating healing. This training emphasizes core concepts that inform using movement and breath through the ancient practice of yoga as a tool to aid in healing from trauma. Individuals completing this training will learn how existing in systems of oppression creates and perpetuates trauma, the impact of long term trauma on the brain, body, and relationships, and how to develop a trauma-informed lens based on these understandings.


TCTSY is an evidence-based adjunctive treatment for complex trauma and treatment-resistant Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and was the first yoga practice to be listed on the SAMSHA’s US-based directory of evidence-based practices. It was developed in collaboration with the Trauma Center in Brookline, Massachusetts and is the foundational program of the Center for Trauma and Embodiment at the Justice Resource Institute. This body-based practice based on sound research is utilized with children, youth, and adults throughout the United States and in dozens of countries around the world. This 20-hour training qualifies as the prerequisite for the 300-hour Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga certification program.

You do not need to be a yoga teacher or a licensed professional to attend this training. Although this training is conducted professionally through a trauma-informed lens with compassion and care to the content discussed, developing skills and building collective resilience may be potentially draining or triggering for some. Please be prepared with a self-care plan and network of support for our weekend together.  

*A portion of your weekend training fee will go into a scholarship fund supporting people who have experienced oppression and trauma to complete the 300-hour certification program. Thank you for your support!


Alli Ewing is a yoga teacher and trainer passionate about empowering people to discover their own ability to find healing and connection from within. She was inspired by her background in Special Education, her Peace Corps service as a Health Education Volunteer in Tanzania, and work with youth in foster care to integrate methodologies that promote and empower individualized healing. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in Taoist Yoga and has completed her 300-hour advanced teacher training in Trauma Center-Trauma Sensitive Yoga - an evidence based methodology developed specifically for facilitating yoga with individuals who have experienced chronic abuse, neglect, and PTSD. She has been offering trainings in the States and internationally since 2010. Alli has additional experience teaching yoga with children with special needs, refugees, pre/postnatal/birth trauma, and youth in residential treatment and foster care.

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Investment: Self determined sliding scale $300- $350- $400

(20 CE available for Yoga Instructors and students in BYC Advanced Studies Program)

Tween Yoga:

A Workshop Style Class Series

Ages 10-12

with Lisa Flick


Every Monday May 3rd-24th


Explore yoga & mindfulness practices as a way to reduce stress, build resilience, increase flexibility, and improve confidence. Classes will include physical poses, breath practice, and meditative relaxation in a supportive environment. Each session will also break down fundamentals and uncover strengths in both thoughtful and playful ways. This series will have an added 10-minute journaling component where we will lightly explore different movement and mindfulness concepts and how to adapt them to our life and yoga practice. 

Space is limited to 10 students.

Social distancing and masks are required.

Yin Yoga Training

with Leah Adams


May 14-16

Friday-Sunday 8:30-4

 June 4-6

Friday/ Sunday 8:30-4

Saturday 11-6:30


Understand the foundational concepts of yin, the origin of yin yoga, teaching methodology, and the physical & energetic anatomy of the poses for the lower and upper body. Learn how to use the first foundation of mindfulness as an anchor in the yin practice. Explore  yin and yang philosophy and uncover how the meridians mapped out in traditional Chinese medicine can be drawn upon to enhance and balance energy.


(50 CE available for Yoga Instructors and students in BYC Advanced Studies Program) 

Sequencing the Energy Body :: Moving From Form to Formlessness

With Tara Dyberg of Om Operative

​July 23-25th  

Friday - Sunday 

  • Friday evening 5-8pm 

  • Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm 

Investment: ​

  • Early bird pricing $450 (Register Before June 10)

  • Regular $499

Curriculum includes:​

  • Finding Authenticity & Creativity with Vinyasa & How to Awaken Your Creative Self

  • Study of Energetic Arcs of Yoga Classes 

  • Tools for Sequencing as it Relates to Elements of Energetics Using Asanas, Breath & Movement Mudras 

  • Study of the Subtle Body ( Chakra System, Prana Vayus, Koshas and Elements of Breath)

  • Exploration of creative peak pose sequencing through applied energetic study of asana

  • Reading Assignments & sequencing hOMe work

Note** This training is being held off site in Seattle, WA**

Studio Location: 3131 Western Ave Seattle, 98121  Email BYC if you are interested in coordinating Air B&B accommodation 

​*25 CE available for Yoga Instructors and students in BYC Advanced Studies Program 

​*This training could count as the sequencing required module in BYC Advanced Studies Program

Celebrating Good Company:

All-Levels Asana Intensive

with Christina Sell

October 1-3 2021

Friday 4-8

Saturday 11-2 and 4-6

Sunday 11-3

Investment: $399

Early Bird: $325 by August 1

$350 by September 1

(13 CE available for Yoga Instructors and students in BYC Advanced Studies Program)

One of the great paradoxes of yoga is that no one can do it for us, but we can not do it alone. As much as yoga is a deeply personal practice that relies on our own ongoing efforts over time, each of us is also a social, relational being that exists in a complex web of connections. This all-levels asana intensive is designed to celebrate the power of community through discussion, contemplation, shared asana practice, and chanting. Christina Sell, known for her down-to-earth teaching style and practical approach to spirituality will offer an intelligently-sequenced program with instruction, explanation, and progressive techniques to help practitioners of all levels experience the power of practice and the joy of good company.

Subtle Embodiment:

An Energetic Anatomy Immersion

with Jacque Sweet 

November 7th & 14th


Investment: $340 In Studio

Early Bird: $299 by Sept 1

(15 CE available for Yoga Instructors and students in BYC Advanced Studies Program)

A study into the delicate complexity of our exquisite bodies and the ways we can experience profound transformation in tangible form. When we can better understand the subtle body, often understated and difficult to comprehend, we can tap into a higher state of consciousness.

Together we will dive into experiential practices, discussion and methodologies of energetic anatomy and alignment, including the Koshas, Chakras, and Gunas. Delight in the wonderment and vitality of that which is you through energetic practices that tap into these topics as a way to liberate our sacred bodies through yoga Asana and other uses of movement including pranayama breath exercises, active listening training, modes of meditation, and restorative expression. Yoga teachers, movement and wellness professionals as well as passionate students encouraged to attend.

Bali Yoga & Meditation Immersion

with Claire Stetina (50 CE Hours)

January 15-22, 2022

This yoga retreat spans 8 days, 7 nights and two locations. You will arrive in Ubud, the wellness hub of Asia to stay at an Ayurvedic wellness center and spa for 4 days to explore the unique culture and traditions of Bali. Next you will transfer as a group to the rural Northern Balinese coast for 4 days to dive into practice while relaxing on the beach and exploring the jungle. All Inclusive Experience.

(50 CE available for Yoga Instructors and students in BYC Advanced Studies Program)

Expanding Capacity:

Intermediate/ Advanced Asana Intensive

with Christina Sell

January 28-30 2022

Friday 4-8

Saturday 11-2 and 4-6

Sunday 11-3

Investment: $399

Early Bird: $325 by August 1

$350 by September 1

(13 CE available for Yoga Instructors and students in BYC Advanced Studies Program)

This intensive is designed for the experienced practitioner  interested in exploring less-commonly practiced  postures safely in a supportive and uplifting community.  With additional time, prop techniques, explanations, and progressive sequencing strategies, intensives provide an opportunity to learn the component parts of   more difficult poses and how to identify what the next best steps are for expanding your capacity. Not appropriate for those recovering from injury or illness, this intensive is perfect for those who can kick to the wall in handstand  and push up to urdhva dhanruasana with straight arms unassisted. Expect to practice a full range of postures and to be encouraged to work within your own limits. 
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