The yoga cohort program is designed for those of you who are seeking an in person practice while continuing to limit social interactions due to Covid-19.


We know our community members have various needs and we are committed to meeting you where you're at. This is why we have created the Yoga Cohort Program!



You get to build your own cohort! This includes yourself, 4 others from your family, household, or others who you have safely reintegrated with. This is a monthly commitment that includes a regular weekly class with one of our instructors. You can choose to practice in the studio or on the deck when weather allows.

$69/month per student
(includes 4 personalized classes for your group)

We're so excited to be able to offer a variety of options to continue practicing together while still maintaining the health of our community. If you're not ready to be practicing in person at all, come practice with us live online or check out our pre-recorded class library to practice anytime!

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