070 - Prenatal Yoga

(60 min) Aired 11/22

047 - Hatha Flow

(60 min) Aired 5/22

042 - Hatha Flow

(60 min) Aired 5/15

037 - Hatha Flow

Activate feet and engage to center in this harmonious blend of hip-opening,

arm-strengthening and twist-cleansing practice (60 min) Aired 5/8

028 - Vinyasa Flow

Breath, alignment and strength building to wild thing pose (60 min) Aired 4/29

025 - Hatha Flow & Restore

Plug into your foundation and connect to the aliveness within you practicing full body class that charges your core from pelvis to shoulders and illuminates a bright heart (60 min) Aired 4/27

019 - Hatha Flow

Build your core and hug to midline with this uplifting breath focused sequence to ground and rise into a shoulder stand inversion before settling deeply into rest (60 min) Aired 4/20

014 - Sunrise Hatha Flow

A Bright morning practice with a substantial supine warm up to open hips and lengthen hamstrings intended to support strong standing balance poses (60 min) Aired 4/15

006 - Alignment Flow & Restoratives

Supportive heart opening/back bending class with spinal restorative finish

(70 min)  Aired 4/6

Pre Recorded Classes with Jacque Sweet

STYLES - Hatha Flow, Alignment Flow & Restoratives

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