Claire Stetina Zurbrugg

Director of Yoga (E-RYT500, YACEP, LMT)

Claire Stetina Zurbrugg is a yoga educator, yoga teacher (E-RYT 500, YACEP) and Certified Massage Therapist offering public classes, workshops, retreats and trainings throughout the West Coast and beyond.  Claire has completed over 500 hours of massage therapy and formal anatomy training as well as over 1500 hours of yoga teacher trainings.  Claire became a faculty member of Yoga Flow SF teacher trainings and education programs in San Francisco in 2016 then went on to develop the curriculum as Director of Urban Yoga Spa's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Seattle, WA. Now, Claire is the Owner of The Bellingham Yoga Collective where she offers education, mentorship for new yoga teachers and immersion for passionate students as an offering to go deeper into the tradition and extensive practices of yoga and mindfulness. Specializing in joint protection and alignment styles as well as the practices of Bhakti yoga (yoga of the Heart), she is able to translate the practices to students in a exciting, clear and infectious way. Claire is in a life-long love affair with yoga, her mission is to make the practices, traditions and teachings relevant, transformative and sustainable. Claire has studied with Katchie Ananda, Annie Carpenter, Janet Stone, Rusty Wells, Harvey Deutch PT and Eric Rubin DC.

Lisa Flick

Vinyasa Flow, Flow & Restore (E-RYT500)

Lisa Flick is a certified RYT, Enneagram coach, and a forever student of yoga and movement. Since her trainings began in 2012, she has been guiding Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin classes at studios around the world from LA to New York, and Vancouver to Australia. Her offerings are rooted in accessibility, strength, and simple creativity with the intention of giving students refreshed, empowered, and inspired energy. 


In addition to leading yoga classes, Lisa is HIIT certified, mentors new yoga instructors through their first year of teaching, and leads self-reflection, team-building, and leadership workshops. She believes we can find yoga in all things, and her goal is to bring the community her insights and knowledge for a transformative experience on many different levels.


Outside of the studio, you can find Lisa in the mountains with her partner, traveling, crafting, and planning her next adventure. Your story is important too, and BYC is a place where you will always have the freedom to share and be yourself. We can't wait to meet you!

Jaque Sweet

Hatha Alignment, Yin & Restore (E-RYT500)

Jacque is a firm believer that yoga is powerful both on and off the mat. Not only has yoga helped her become stronger and more resilient in her physical activities: snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, swimming, gardening and dancing, but it has been a tremendous tool for gaining a deeper understanding of herself and building healthier relations with the people in her life.

Jacque has been practicing a variety of styles of yoga since 2002. Her curiosity and passion led her to become a 200-RYT teacher in 2012 under Karen Sprute- Frankovich, owner of Garden Street Yoga in Coeur d'Alene Idaho and team leader of Anusara Yoga’s Teacher Training Curriculum. She was honored to be a faculty teacher at Seattle Yoga Arts for 7 years, and today, Jacque is continuing her education in Anusara's Advanced Teacher Training, acquiring her 500-RYT winter of 2019. She continues to fall in love with Anusara’s Universal Principles of Alignment and spiritual connection rooted in ancient non-dual Tantric philosophy. 

Her class plans offer clever and inspired sequencing with functional movement interwoven with classic poses focused around the breath. You will often be reminded by her to “know when you’re inhaling, and know when you’re exhaling”. She instructs her students to find and feel their foundation first, go inward for proper alignment and integrate the whole body in order to flourish from the inside out. Jacque is committed to the ongoing study of her practice and efforts to seek fresh and creative methods of teaching in the process. She always teaches with the intention to bring confidence, love, and balance to you and your community. 

Jen Bayer

Hatha Alignment

Jen Bayer is a certified Forrest Yoga teacher, a licensed clinical psychologist, and certified nutritionist. She started practicing yoga in 2003, has been teaching yoga since 2012, and assisted Ana Forrest in one of her legendary Foundation Teacher Trainings in 2014. As a psychologist, she has researched how yoga can improve chronic pain conditions, stress hormone release, and inflammation. She credits yoga for keeping her physically and emotionally balanced during pregnancy and as the mother of an on-the-go toddler.


Jen strives to have each student, regardless of past yoga experience or level of physical fitness, leave each class feeling a little bit stronger, grounded, and connected with their authentic self. She teaches with a thoughtful intelligence, helping students safely build strength and mindful awareness on and off the mat. She also believes that fun and playfulness are powerful healing agents, so while her classes provide physical and mental challenge, they are also lighthearted and foster self-compassion. Come. Play. Grow.

Liza Higbee-Robinson

Vinyasa Flow (E-RYT 200)

Liza’s yoga practice began 11 years ago at age 19. She was a college student and long distance runner looking for a counter-activity to help her body through recovery processes. She found that on the mat, and so much more. As a beginner, Liza appreciated how yoga challenged her physical strength and flexibility, as well as her mental focus and emotional response process. She gained tools which helped her transform from a person with severe perceived limitations and finite comfort zones, to one willing to go out on a limb and move through discomfort to learn and grow. Liza continues to experience yoga as a creative, generative practice that guides toward new ways of knowing and growing, honoring and trusting, loving and living.  As an instructor, Liza is influenced by Vinyasa, Rishikesh Hatha, and Anusara Yoga traditions. She has taught yoga in the Puget Sound region since 2014 when she completed her 200-Hour Power Yoga teacher training with Melissa Longfellow in Bellingham, Washington. Liza crafts energizing, thematic
flow sequences and attends to sustainable alignment in every class. She guides her students to land in their bodies and maintain contact with their breath, with minds that are untethered to past and future moments, and curious about what’s possible here and now. She encourages her students to practice from a place of authenticity at all times. Liza is beyond excited to have recently resettled in Bellingham with her family and to have joined the Bellingham Yoga Collective community!

Elizabeth Deboo

Kundalini & Meditation

Elizabeth Deboo is a Physical Therapist of 25 years, an Energy Intuitive, and a Certified Meditation Instructor. Her specialty is Breath, Meditation and Awareness. She teaches connection to breath and meditation as powerful practices to embody awareness and the key to living a soulful life from the inside out.  Elizabeth’s passion is reminding her clients and students to be visionaries and integrators of their own unique gifts, helping them to create buoyancy in their life which in turn serves their relationships, their community, and the greater human collective.


Elizabeth has an Energy Medicine and Sound Healing practice where she supports her clients on an individual basis. She also has a robust online presence offering a daily online meditation course, free inspirational meditations, and a blog. Find her podcast Mindstruck! Meditation Awareness Studio on Alexa, iTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.

Lyndz Kelly

Vinyasa Flow, Flow & Restore

Yoga is the beating core of my life. An endless source of clarity, connection, humility and community. As a teacher, I emphasize compassion and vulnerability on the path to diminishing fear and building trust. My style is a distinct result of deeply integrated psychosomatic wisdom and experience obtained over the past 15 years. Having taught over 3,000 hours has provided me with the skills and confidence to safely lead all students from a solid and adaptable vantage point. I hope to empower students through authenticity, playful curiosity and musicality. Classes are designed to cultivate a limitless experience of transformation and healing through intelligent sequencing, thematic weaving and functional movement. Vinyasa classes are fluid, dynamic and intuitively fierce; yet remain balanced and approachable. Expect to voyage beyond the surface layer, as we deep dive towards untapped potential and strength, unlocking profound awareness. Yin offers an opportunity to ground and soothe the soul with radical presence. Observation of emotional reactions and patterns lead you back to the energetic heart. This is a slow, intimate journey inward with mediation and breath work that is both powerful and palpable. Apart from group classes I offer speciality workshops, SUP Yoga and private instruction. With endless gratitude xx

Meg Sutton

Hatha Alignment

Meg, a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher has been teaching in the Bellingham community for nearly 15 years.  She stumbled on her first yoga class years ago when she was studying dance at Cornish College of the Arts. She quickly realized that the quiet intensity of yoga was exactly what she needed to bring balance to her body and spirit. She loved how the practice made her feel: both empowered/strong and deeply nurtured, content and quiet. Meg finished her undergraduate degree at Western while simultaneously preparing for assessment in the Iyengar Yoga tradition.  Study and practice, practice and study were her mantra for many years and the lessons she has learned throughout have helped her in many areas of life. She loves to share this practice with others and help people discover pathways for healing and growth through meaningful, focused movement. Her previous experience as a Physical Therapist Assistant and many years of study with Senior Iyengar yoga teachers have equipped her to work with a wide range of bodies and minds: young adults and children, elders, pre/postnatal, injury recovery and seasoned yogis.  Meg’s kind and compassionate nature, coupled with her striking attention to detail make her classes both encouraging and challenging in just the right way.  

Greg Schultz

Yin & Restore (E-RYT500, I-AYT, THAI)

Greg comes to yoga and yoga therapy from injury. As a marathon runner and triathelete Greg fully herniated 3 discs in his lumbar spine and lost the use of his left leg. Greg found yoga and gradually recovered fully. He has completed several teacher trainings and continues to explore trainings that relate to theraputics. Greg’s practice has ranged from Ashtanga Vinyasa to Iyengar Restoratives to gentler somatics. Greg’s classes are intended to use both an informed asana practice and humor to help clients find ease again.  Greg has also studied Thai massage in Chiang Mai (Pichest, Mike Tan) and the US (Chris Ray, Rob Murray) and incorporates that training in his in-class adjustments.  When Greg isn’t all wrapped up in exploring our connection to the universal consciousness, he chases a toddler around several acres of permaculture goodness near Acme, WA.

Kate Steensma

Vinyasa Flow

Kate was born and raised in Whatcom County, where she loves the land and community. Yoga is a grounding force and a catalyst for growth in her life. Kate completed her 200-Hour Power Yoga teacher training in 2015 and taught in Seattle until she moved home to Bellingham in 2019. She enjoys teaching sequences that encourage personal discipline and creative self-expression, and she invites students to customize postures to their bodies. In addition to being a certified yoga teacher, Kate is also an animal biologist and fourth-generation farmer, and her class themes often draw inspiration from the natural world. She believes a yoga practice rooted in intuitive movement and fueled by mindful breath will cultivate strength and grace both on and beyond the mat.   

Mackenzie Rae

Vinyasa Flow & Restore

Mackenzie is a E-RYT200, Reiki Master, and Intuitive Holistic Life Coach. She has been practicing yoga and Reiki for well over a decade, which has been at the foundation of her growth and healing as an individual and practitioner. Mackenzie has a private practice where she offers Reiki and intuitive guidance for people to step into their full potential, navigate fear, and heal their relationship with their bodies, food and life.


She moved to Bellingham from the east coast after graduating from The University of Vermont. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2016 while traveling in Southeast Asia and has since continued her studies and practice with different teachers all over the US. Her yoga classes are grounded in heart centered body awareness, intimately connected to the flow and presence of breath. Her teachings offer the gentle and loving reminders to stay in the non-comparative and non-judgmental mind both on and off the mat. She encourages her students to always let their body’s intuitive wisdom be the guide of their yoga practice, amplifying or modifying the practice as they feel.


To learn more about the work she offers, head to

Brittany Fay

Vinyasa Flow & Restore 

Brittany guides students through yoga classes that connect breath with movement to enhance strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Her classes include dynamic, intelligent sequencing that support students of all levels. She is passionate about helping students build a nourishing, non-judgmental, and playful yoga practice that serves their own unique needs and goals. After years of desk life, Brittany feels like she's finally found her calling!  Brittany received her 200-hour Power Vinyasa Yoga certificate from CorePower Yoga in 2016 and has since been trained in Yin Yoga and Yoga Sculpt. She'll also be receiving her certificate as a Holistic Nutrition Coach in August 2019! When Brittany's not nerding out on wellness, you can find her out on the trails, at the beach, or cooking up a delicious feast with friends and family. You can learn more about Brittany and her yoga journey at

Kelly Villareal

Vinyasa Flow

Kelly is a passionate yoga teacher who strives to hold space for her students to move beyond the edges of their comfort zones and discover new possibilities, both on and off the mat. She witnessed a whole life transformation in herself through her own yoga practice and seeks to shed light on this path for others through her teaching.


Kelly’s classes offer a strong focus on breath as well as an exploration of both physical and emotional awareness. Kelly firmly believes the role of the teacher is not to impart wisdom, but to create a space for each student to discover and listen to their own innate knowledge.


Kelly completed her 200-hour Power Yoga training in 2017, and has since completed a Level One training with Baron Baptisite, as well as specific training around assisting, restorative yoga, and yoga nidra. 


When not on her mat, you can find Kelly exploring Bellingham’s many outdoor spaces with her husband and three boys, gardening and, cooking. Come and discover a new possibility for yourself!

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